Parents, you’re going to love us.

Alcohol-free housing. Zero hazing policy. Chapter Advisory Boards filled with adults. Let’s face it, putting those three descriptors out there right off the bat tends to alleviate the majority of concerns parents have about allowing their son to join a fraternity. But the absence of negative influences is only a small part of the reason why parents love Phi Delta Theta. Phi Delts create a positive and encouraging “living laboratory” that empowers each brother to tap into his inner greatness and reach a higher potential than he could on his own.

On the top of a parent’s expectation for their son is academic performance. Excellence in academics is our top priority too. In fact, our commitment to academics begins at the recruitment stage by talking to young men with GPAs high above the campus average. And once these intelligent men are in the chapter, we make sure they have an environment conducive to studying and learning. This is where the alcohol-free housing comes in big time. By providing clean, quiet areas, Phi Delts develop consistent and efficient study habits. And to keep everyone on track, each chapter has a scholarship chairman and an academic adviser who oversee and maintain scholastic integrity.

Parents like that we instill in every brother the concept of accountability for every action. If accountability falls through, we take action. We are a values-based organization – chances are, the same type of values taught to their son at home – that emphasizes academic achievement, community service and an enriched and highly rewarding overall college experience filled with friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Parents love us, and sometimes they want to join us.

Phi Delta Theta also welcomes and encourages parent involvement. In fact, an increasing number of parents have become involved in our Chapter Advisory Boards, sharing their expertise and background with the undergraduate brothers of Phi Delta Theta and helping guide various aspects of the Fraternity. There is a wide range of opportunity for parent involvement in every chapter including Parents Clubs or regularly attending other events.

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A Fraternity With Alcohol-Free Housing

Phi Delta Theta chapter properties are to remain free from alcohol by anyone, at any time, under any circumstance. The chapter property may be owned by a local house corporation, college or university, or other entity. If the property is considered Phi Delta Theta “space”, the property is to be alcohol-free. This includes not only the structural facility, but the outdoor area including the front and back yard, parking lot and sidewalks.

Some critics thought it was going to be a long and arduous task for Phi Delta Theta to implement alcohol-free housing. Others believed that membership would decline. However, the leadership of Phi Delta Theta knew it would be in the best interest for our undergraduate members and for the future of the Fraternity to refocus our efforts to be a values-based organization.

Therefore, in February of 1997, the General Council announced the Alcohol-free Housing Policy to the world. Chapters were given more than three years to implement this paradigm shift on their campus and all properties were alcohol-free by the implementation date of July 1, 2000.

Since the implementation, Phi Delta Theta has undergone one of its largest growth spurts in the history of the modern fraternity. We are proud of our decision to make our properties alcohol-free, and Phi Delta Theta has benefited greatly in many ways.

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