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A Sneak Peek – The Phi Delt Network – Mobile App



We are getting close to the upcoming release of The Phi Delt Network, the Fraternity’s mobile app that will enhance how initiated Phi Delts network with each other. As we enter the final development stages of the app, we wanted to provide you with an overview of the app’s main functionality and features.

The core feature of the app is the Networking search feature, a feature that allows you to identify Phis (within the app) based on information that is important to you.

Prior to using the search feature, the app will prompt you to complete your profile. A completed profile is essential to your presence within the app, as it will allow you to be found by others.

As you edit your profile, you’ll have the opportunity to include a wide variety of information such as:

General Information:

  • A profile picture
  • First and last name
  • Age
  • A short description about yourself
  • Badges that identify you as a student or alumnus as well as if you are a donor, volunteer, Iron Phi or member of the True Blue Society.


  • Zip or Postal Code
  • City, State and Country


  • College Attended
  • Graduation Year
  • Phi Delt Chapter


  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Industry

LinkedIn Integration:

  • Connecting your LinkedIn account will allow other users to connect with you on  LinkedIn through your app profile.

One of the most powerful features of your profile is the opportunity to share job opportunities or state that you are looking for career opportunities. We truly hope that The Phi Delt Network will help connect Phis who are looking for work with Phis who have job opportunities!



Upon completing your profile, other users will be able to use the information inserted to find you, based on their search filters.

As mentioned, the search feature is the core feature that will help our users identify Phis within the app in order to effectively network.

d3ba9f2a-9Upon landing on the Network section of the app, you will by default see a listing of Phis nearest to your home location (the Zip or Postal Code associated with your profile). Upon clicking any of the results, you’ll be led to the user’s profile. At the bottom of your mobile device, you’ll see a number of preset filters that we have created for you to use.

The preset filters include:

  • Phis Near Me – Users closest to your home location
  • Phis in My Industry – Users who have the same industry as you, ordered by distance from you
  • Phis With Job Opportunities – Users who have added job opportunities to their profile, ordered by distance from you
  • Phis Looking For Jobs – Users who have identified themselves as “Looking for Opportunities,” ordered by distance from you
  • My Chapter Brothers – Users from your chapter, ordered by distance from you

Also included is an advanced filter feature that allows you to search the user network with any combination of data that you’d like to use within the app.

68765b38-dA few examples of how you might use the advanced filter include:

  • You’re traveling and want to see if there are chapter brothers in the area who might want to catch up with you. Filtering the search by your current location and your chapter will display results of chapter brothers who are in the area.
  • You move to a new city and are in search of a job in a specific industry. Filtering the search by your new city’s location, the industry that you are hoping to work within, and those Phis who have added job opportunities, will bring up a list of Phis with whom networking will be valuable.
  • You’re a student who is looking for an internship or job at a specific company. Filtering the search using the specific company, you’ll be able to identify Phis who work there. They will be a great place to start to learn more about the company and the career opportunities that may be available.
  • You are an employer who needs to fill a position in a specific region. Filtering the search by industry, the location of the position, and those who are looking for opportunities will display a list of Phis who may be warm leads for the position.
  • You are a student who is advancing in your major or are a professional looking to make a career change and want to learn more about a specific profession or industry. Filtering the search by industry, your location and an age range will identify Phis who may have great experience and can be beneficial to your interests.

Following whatever search you initiate, and upon identifying Phis with whom you would like to connect or from whom you would like to learn about an opportunity, you will have the opportunity to connect with any Phi in two ways:

Through our messaging feature – Simply click on the Message button on the user’s profile to send a message. After initiating messages to users, they will be chronologically documented in the Messages section of the app where you can further or delete any conversation.



Through LinkedIn – If the user has connected his profile to his LinkedIn account, you’ll have the opportunity to initiate a LinkedIn request through the app.

5f244f7d-6We’re also developing the app in a way that will deliver valuable notifications to you as they arise. The app will deliver a notification to you when:

  • A user adds a job opportunity within your industry
  • A user adds a job opportunity in your area
  • A new user in your area adds the app
  • A chapter brother adds the app

Each notification will lead you to a user’s profile where you can learn more about the individual and any opportunity that has been added.



365a9c7f-bThe final feature within the first version of The Phi Delt Network features Phi Delt-related news curated through the Fraternity’s Scroll News and Road to Greatness feeds. Besides the core function of networking, we think that you will enjoy reading about the many success of our chapters and members.

We are very excited to introduce The Phi Delt Network to our members, and we’re confident that it will continue to enhance the value of Phi Delta Theta membership.

We’re hoping to have the mobile app live and in the Apple and Android stores in the next month.

If you would like to get on the list to be the first to know when the app is live, please sign up on this page. If have any questions about the mobile app, please contact Steve Good, Senior Director of Engagement for Phi Delta Theta.