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An Important Back-To-School Message From General Council President Jeff Davis



Welcome back to school! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are excited for the upcoming school year.

As president, I want to help you kick off the academic-year by offering words of encouragement and advice.

First, have fun. It’s always energizing to be back at school, see our brothers and anticipate everything that will happen this year. The memories and friendships you make will last a lifetime. Make the most of your opportunities and continue to challenge yourself in the pursuit of greatness.

The fall semester is always a challenging time on university campuses. It’s a time where we see many undergraduates, particularly freshmen, make poor decisions affecting their chapters, their alumni and even their own lives. Please be thoughtful and deliberate in how you choose to express yourself and conduct your chapter’s business. Celebrate those who do this in a positive manner and hold accountable those who do not.

At the international level, we’ve worked incredibly hard over the years to transform Phi Delta Theta into a different kind of fraternity – one recognized for the exceptional character of our members. Don’t let poor decision-making tarnish your reputation, that of your chapter or this Fraternity. Make the right decisions for yourself and help those around you make the right decisions. We take our reputation very seriously and are committed to taking swift action when our reputation is tarnished. The General Fraternity is here to help you. We continue to place great emphasis on our amnesty program for chapters concerned about their commitment to Phi Delta Theta’s risk management polices who want to change.

Juxtaposed ideologies and politics create a tumultuous environment on and off most college campuses. While the Fraternity and college campuses must be places for vigorous debate and discussion, I urge you to approach each and every conversation with our values in mind. Please be respectful of everyone’s right to free speech, as well as the human rights of all individuals regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or creed.

The next two or three weeks are the most important recruitment periods of the year for many chapters. When considering someone for membership in Phi Delta Theta, I would remind you to focus on the three cardinal principles of friendship, sound learning and rectitude as the exclusive basis for selecting membership in our organization. I hope you find men who meet these criteria – men with diverse experiences and backgrounds who will contribute to your chapter.

The General Council, our alumni volunteers, and professional staff are constantly striving to improve the organization. In a world that is seemingly becoming more divisive, we believe Phi Delta Theta can be a catalyst for community, personal growth and compassion for others. We hope you feel the same way. Yes, there will be challenges throughout the coming year. In meeting those challenges and in all things, I encourage you to… be loyal, be bold, be true and be proud to be a Phi.

Yours in the Bond,



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