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Phi Delta Theta Returns to Franklin College with Colonization of Indiana Delta


The Indiana Delta Colony at Franklin College was officially inducted into Phi Delta Theta on Friday, December 6. Expansion Consultants Jimmy Pietras and Greg Rush arrived on campus in August, at the beginning of the semester, to begin the recruitment process. Throughout the past semester the group has worked diligently to achieve their goal of becoming a colony of Phi Delta Theta on the historic Franklin College campus. The colony will be supported by numerous alumni in the area, including Bernard Piotrowski (Kettering ’78) who will serve as their Colony Advisory Board Chairman.

“The men who have bought in to the vision of Phi Delta Theta have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the history of Indiana Delta and the Franklin College community through their efforts and the support they have coming from every angle of the Fraternity,” said Expansion Consultant Jimmy Pietras.

Franklin College is a residential, four-year, co-educational undergraduate liberal arts institution founded in 1834 in Franklin, Indiana and is home to nine hundred and seventy five students. Originally founded in 1860, Indiana Delta was the Fraternity’s fourteenth chapter and has initiated one thousand, six hundred and twenty-one men.

The men of Indiana Delta created their vision statement – Indiana Delta will become the premier fraternity by not only having the greatest quantity of members, but by having the highest quality of members and always striving to move forward! This vision captures what the group wishes to accomplish at Franklin College and the impact that they want to have on the community as a whole.

“Being a member of our Fraternity takes an extraordinary amount of honor and determination, and these young men have both of those characteristics. I’m truly excited to see their journey as men of Phi Delta Theta,” said Greg Rush, Expansion Consultant.

Congratulations to the men of Indiana Delta. We know that greatness is in your future!


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