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Job Posting – Director of Expansion


Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity is hiring a Director of Expansion to begin on July 1, 2020. The Director of Expansion leads the expansion program of the General Fraternity and coordinates activities and services involved directly with the development of new chapters of Phi Delta Theta. Duties are conducted in consultation with the Survey Commission, the Expansion Team, and the Growth Team.

Through the Fraternity’s strategic plan, Phi Delt 2030, the Director of Expansion is charged to execute an expansion strategy that culminates in 100 chapter installations, (50 of those chapters at campuses new to Phi Delta Theta), support and assist in the recruitment of 17,500 undergraduate students, and explore non-traditional expansion and membership strategies by the year 2030.


All candidates and selected employee will be initially assessed on their background and experience in the areas of servant leadership, strategic agility, and project management, and in their projected ability to successfully complete related performance metrics in the areas below:

New Business Development

  1. Develop and implement a strategic plan for identifying prospective expansion opportunities at institutions of higher education throughout North America and schedule exploratory visits when necessary.
  2. Develop the promotional and marketing materials necessary to effectively build the expansion calendar.
  3. Develop outstanding working relationships with campus-based fraternity/sorority life advisors and administrators, both remotely and through attendance at industry conferences.
  4. Coordinate and deliver presentations for expansion opportunities.
  5. Collaborate with Chapter Support Team to implement a plan to redevelop a select group of chapters that are not currently in operation.

Team and Project Leadership

  1. Prepare a detail-oriented operations plan for each expansion project, including a budget, pre-project visit, communications to key constituents, marketing plan, and a timeline of all recruitment, technology, education, and support activities.
  2. In coordination with the Director of Growth and Expansion Consultants, cultivate, recruit, and support Chapter Advisory Boards for expansion projects.
  3. Train, lead, and coach the Expansion Consultants to execute successful recruitment and educational activities on expansion campuses.
  4. Alongside the Expansion Consultants, facilitate the planning and executions of ceremonies after appropriate materials have been submitted.

Grassroots Marketing and Support

  1. Execute interest group generation activities for campuses not on the expansion calendar and follow-up with all inquiries, including the host institution.
  2. Guide and develop interest groups at campuses not on the expansion calendar.

Volunteer Management

  1. Serve as the staff liaison to the Survey Commission, a volunteer board that assists in the development of the organization’s expansion strategies.
  2. Work with the Survey Commission to prepare all necessary correspondence, votes, and reports.
  3. Host quarterly Survey Commission meetings with one being in-person.

Program Administration

  1. Effectively prepare and manage the Expansion program budget.
  2. Monitor overall performance against objectives, and measure all activities with key analytics.


  1. A bachelor’s degree
  2. Past professional experience in recruiting college students and volunteer management
  3. Superior sales and presentation skills
  4. Ability to travel (conferences, presentations, exploratory visits, expansion project support, pre-project visits) approximately 35% of the time
  5. A demonstrated track record of initiative and innovation
  6. Excellent organizational, written, oral, and interpersonal skills


Salary will be determined depending upon background and experience. Phi Delta Theta offers an excellent benefits package including health care and retirement planning.


Together we provide our members a transformational experience in pursuit of greatness.


Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio on December 26, 1848, Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity has 192 chapters and colonies and 91 alumni clubs across the United States and Canada. To date, the Fraternity has initiated over 271,000 men into the society whose founding principles are friendship, sound learning, and rectitude.


Interested candidates should provide a cover letter and resume to Senior Vice President of Growth, Engagement & Philanthropy Steve Good by end-of-day Friday, March 20, 2020.


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