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Serve An ALS Family In Your Community Through LiveLikeLou’s Great Outdoor Clean-Up


The LiveLikeLou Foundation is working to match ALS families in the United States and Canada with individual volunteers from Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity for outdoor clean-up support. Our goal is to provide ALS families with dignity and support during this unique time in a manner that protects everyone from unnecessary exposure to illness or other risks.

Volunteers who serve ALS families through this program are only allowed to provide occasional outdoor support, such as yard or garage clean-up, minor outdoor repairs, or minor outdoor errands such as waste removal or other agreed-upon physical chores.

See the List of ALS Families

Is there an ALS family on our list that is in your community? Sign up to provide your volunteer services.

NOTE: The most current federal, state and local guidelines for physical interaction, ventilation, and social distancing must be abided by at all times during the volunteer engagement, including limitations on the number of personnel gathered, sanitation, physical distance, mask, glove, and material handling rules.

ALS Families – We Would Love to Add You to Our List

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