The Goal

Become the premier fraternal leadership organization

In the Fall of 2010, Phi Delta Theta’s newly elected General Council assembled for their annual retreat in Moab, Utah with the General Headquarters staff. During this retreat, their mission was a bit different as it was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta.

Previously, the Fraternity had looked at its priorities in conjunction with the two-year election cycle of the General Council. The group gathered at the retreat with the goal of looking beyond the next two years, redefining the Fraternity’s mission and vision statements, and conducting a self-assessment, all while looking at its external environmental opportunities.

Through this process, “Phi Delt 2020” was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere leadership organization through six strategic initiatives:  Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity and Funding. These initiatives, goals, and their operational objectives will be the Fraternity’s “North Star” over the next 10 years to ensure that Phi Delta Theta meets the vision of “Phi Delt 2020.”

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Our Progress

2018 Snapshot – Recapping another great year at Phi Delt

Each year, Phi Delta Theta recaps its Phi Delt 2020 progress through a snapshot publication. It is our way of showing the progress that we are making through the strategic plan. Click on the image below to see the 2018 Snapshot.