Making the Phi Delt 2020 Vision a Reality

In the Fall of 2010, the newly elected General Council assembled for its annual retreat with the General Headquarters staff. This year, their mission was to create a long-term strategic path for Phi Delta Theta. Through this process, Phi Delt 2020 was created to establish Phi Delta Theta as the premiere fraternal leadership organization through six strategic initiatives: Growth, Education, Support, Communication, Capacity and Funding.

Shortly thereafter, a fundraising effort called “Building on the Bond” was launched to raise the dollars necessary to make this vision a reality. The goal is to raise $27.2 million by December 26, 2020 – the most ambitious fundraising effort in Phi Delt history.

Naming Opportunities

Whole Man ScholarshipsFunding RequiredCommitments
Φ Whole Man Scholarship
(Chapter Designated)
Φ Harrison Presidents Scholarship
(Chapter Designated)
Leadership & Ethics Academy$2 million
Φ Presidents Leadership Conference$1 million
Keynote Speaker$250,0001
Leadership Forum$250,0001
Peer Mentor Program$250,000
Lecture Series (7 available)$100,000
Conference Team - Faculty (15 available)$50,000
Φ Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute$1 million1
Keynote Speaker$250,000
Leadership Forum$250,000
Peer Mentor Program$250,000
Educational Pillars (3 available)$250,000
Lecture Series (5 available)$100,0005
Conference Team - Faculty (22 available)$50,0001
Educational Session (18 available)$25,000
Φ Chapter Advisory Board Summit$500,000
Φ House Corporation Summit$500,000
Φ PDT U: Online Education$500,0001
Φ Phi Delta Theta Biennial Convention
Keynote Speaker$250,000
Lecture Series (2 available)$100,000
Φ Director of The Academy$500,000
Φ Leadership Consultant Position (10 available)$250,000
Φ Phi of the Year$250,000
Φ Chapter Phi of the Year$50,000