Named Funds

Permanently endowed funds may be established and named in accordance with a donor’s wishes through gifts of $50,000 or more. These endowments typically create named scholarships or fellowships but numerous other purposes are available. Endowments may also be created with smaller gifts that the donor pledges to increase, over a period to time, to the $50,000 level. Endowment funds provide a constant source of income for the Foundation and are spent with careful consideration of the donor’s intentions.

The Whole Man Scholarship:  the premier named fund of the Phi Delta Theta Foundation

History has shown that the most consistent high performing chapters are those that take the fullest advantage of the outstanding educational resources and leadership development programs offered by the Fraternity. This includes active and engaged participation in the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute offered each year. With that in mind, the Phi Delta Theta Foundation has established the Whole Man Scholarship Program that will ensure that funds are available, on an on-going basis, for a chapter’s continued participation in this program and others.

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Chapter Endowment Funds

The chapter endowment fund program represents a unique opportunity for alumni and undergraduates to give money to the Phi Delta Theta Foundation that is reserved for a specific chapter endowment fund. When a chapter fund reaches $10,000, the Foundation will begin to provide up to $500 annually to the chapter for educational purposes. Typically, the chapter would use these funds for the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute related expenses; including sending an extra delegate to the conference or defraying the chapter delegates travel to and from the event.

Choosing to endow and name a Fraternity program, scholarship or fellowship, or leadership fund is a terrific way to permanently establish and recognize your legacy in Phi Delta Theta. There are currently over 100 such named funds within the Foundation and there are many naming opportunities still available.

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