Our Youngest Donors

The Knights of Pallas program introduces undergraduate members to the Foundation and to the idea of charitable giving. A gift of $18.48 or more to the Phi Delt Fund entitles the undergraduate to become a member of the Knights of Pallas. These undergraduate gifts support Phis across North America as they are used for programming and scholarships that strengthen the whole of Phi Delta Theta.

Since introduced in 2002, more than 4,286 undergraduates have answered the call and made their first gifts to the Foundation. The success of this program is directly attributable to the high participation rate of the undergraduates attending the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute, the Shaffer Honors College of Leadership, the President’s Leadership Conference and the Recruitment Workshops.

Each year, the Foundation hosts a competition within its undergraduate chapter to see which chapters can reach the highest percentage of brothers who become a member of the Knights of Pallas.

To join the Knights of Pallas, click on the button below and make a donation of $18.48. Please type “Knights of Pallas” in the Message box upon making the donation.

Join The Knights of Pallas

Canadian Phis – Join the Knights of Pallas here.