Phikeia. The first step.

Once the decision has been made to say “Yes!,” to Phi Delta Theta, the new member enters a trial period that allows an opportunity for him to truly get to know the Fraternity and for the Fraternity to truly get to know him. The Phikeia stage is a period of education, filled with positive and encouraging preparation for the responsibilities of membership that reaffirms the principles of Phi Delta Theta. After the Phikiea Education program, if both party’s values and expectations are in sync, Phikeias become initiated into full membership – and that’s where the real journey of a lifetime begins.

Online Phikeia Education

One of the most ambitious goals set in Phi Delt 2020 was to design and implement a first of its kind, standardized Phikeia (new member) program for use by all undergraduate chapters. After years of development, all chapters are now eligible to use it. This new program not only decreases the burden of Phikeia education on the chapter, but it allows the chapters to focus more on chapter history, relationship building, chapter operations and chapter/campus involvement.

The program is comprised of six modules that include online and in-person content:  The History of Phi Delta Theta, Famous Phis, Interfraternalism, Friendship, Sound Learning and Rectitude. This new resource not only increases the level of education and appreciation for Phi Delta Theta for Phikeias, but it also provides chapters with a competitive edge on their campus. New members are able to complete online modules on computers, tablets, and even phones. The online content features a training video, as well as games, activities, supplemental information and a module test.

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Dont_Tarnish_The_Badge1Hazing….. Not Tolerated

Phi Delta Theta does not condone any form of hazing. It is contrary to the purpose of fraternity, let alone Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. Members can still achieve a close group of men throughout the organization without hazing and Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters offers resources to help transplant negative activities with positive ones.

Phi Delta Theta encourages family members to discuss hazing and other new member practices. Family members have the unique opportunity to speak one-on-one about the dangers of hazing.