Start the next Phi Delta Theta chapter

Phi Delta Theta is always in search of young leaders who would like to bring Phi Delta Theta to their campus or re-start a chapter that is currently closed. The opportunity to a start a new chapter of Phi Delta Theta is a very unique experience and one that will allow you to leave your legacy on campus. During the development of a chapter, Founding Fathers have the opportunity to lay the groundwork and build the chapter’s foundation for generations to come. With the help of the Chapter Advisory Board and Fraternity’s staff, Founding Fathers have the opportunity to create a vision that will determine the direction of the organization. The leadership development opportunities of starting a new Phi Delta Theta chapter are endless.

If you have interest in starting a chapter of Phi Delta Theta, please fill out the following form, and we will be in contact with you.

Our expansion plans for the future

The Fraternity’s expansion team is always looking to the future to build its expansion calendar. A growing expansion staff allows Phi Delta Theta to take on and succeed at many campuses throughout any given year. Below is a listing of Phi Delta Theta’s current expansion calendar, colonies and interest groups.

Current Colonies:

Interest Groups:

  • California Omega – Santa Clara University
  • Indiana Delta – Franklin College of Indiana

Expansion Calendar:

Fall 2019:

  • Arizona Beta – Arizona State University
  • Ohio Alpha – Miami University
  • Virginia Kappa – Radford University

Spring 2020:

  • Indiana Eta – Indiana State University
  • Missouri Kappa – Missouri Southern State University
  • Michigan Alpha – University of Michigan
  • Kentucky Kappa – Northern Kentucky University
  • Missouri Theta – Northwest Missouri State University

Our recent expansion success is contagious

Over the last decade, Phi Delta Theta has seen one of its largest growth spurts in its history. The combination of great demand and a robust expansion staff has allowed the Fraternity to develop many great new chapters and rebuild closed chapters.