Conference Overview

Phi Delta Theta’s General Officers Conference

Volunteerism is at the heart of Phi Delta Theta, and the Fraternity’s General Officers play a large role in the organization’s success. Every two years, Phi Delta Theta’s General Officers gather at the General Officers Conference (GOC) to discuss the health and well-being of the Fraternity. Education and discussion is the bedrock of the GOC.

Throughout the conference, attendees learn about and discuss the Fraternity’s 10-year strategic plan, Phi Delt 2020.  They will hear from many presenters covering a wide variety of topics within Phi Delta Theta and the greater fraternal movement.

Schedule of Events

The 2017 General Officers Conference will take place in Orlando, Florida at the Wyndham Lake Buena Visita from February 17-19. To see the schedule, visit this link.

Registration Info

General Officers of the Fraternity should utilize the events section of MyPhiDeltaTheta to register.

Travel & Lodging

General Officers Conference attendees should plan on arriving in time for the opening session at 5 PM on Friday, February 17 and depart anytime on Sunday, February 19. Survey and Housing Commissioners, Palmer Trustees, and new Province Presidents participating in orientation should plan on arriving to start their meetings at 1 PM EST on February 17. It should be noted that lodging will not be provided for anyone prior to 1/17.

Travel can be booked by contacting Linda Marchbanks at Travel-For-U at (513) 524-0600 or on your own and then vouching all expenses through the standard reimbursement process.


Business casual clothing (khakis, polo-style shirts) for the general sessions and free time will be acceptable. A coat and tie will be needed for the closing banquet at the GOC.