With the help of the Fraternity’s regional volunteers (province presidents), Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity will host 23 province retreats throughout North America in the early months of 2020.

The Outcomes of the Province Retreats Include:

  • Create supportive relationships among chapters and alumni to build stronger chapters and advisory boards.
  • Facilitate growth in attendees’ abilities to execute successful Phi Delt operations while building a culture filled with positive brotherhood.

The outcomes will be reached through peer-to-peer educational sessions focused on:

  • Successful recruitment
  • Chapter planning and improvement
  • Building positive brotherhood
  • Lessons learned from alumni
Province Retreat Regions

The following province retreat regions and their associated chapters/colonies have been identified based on geography and density of chapters.

Dates an locations for each province retreat can be found in the next section.

Dates & Locations

The province retreats are one-day sessions held in late January and February, a time when the majority of the Fraternity’s chapters have new officers. The locations of all retreats are in centralized locations based on the chapters expected to attend each retreat.

Undergraduates and alumni volunteers are responsible for getting themselves to their retreat and paying for any necessary overnight accommodations. Retreat participants receive lunch on site.

Attendance and Registration Information

The following people are encouraged to attend their local retreat:

  • Chapter Executive Boards
  • Recruitment Chairmen
  • Other chapter officers and emerging leaders who want to attend
  • Chapter Advisory Board members
  • Province Presidents
  • GHQ staff member

Each Province Retreat has its own registration page. Registration pages will be linked when ready.

  • Central & Eastern Missouri
  • Arizona, New Mexico & Utah
  • Northern California
  • Carolinas
  • Indiana & SW Ohio
  • Colorado & Nebraska
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Central & Eastern Canada
  • Dakotas, Minnesota & Manitoba
  • Illinois, Iowa & Wisconsin
  • Arkansas, Oklahoma & West Texas
  • Tennessee & Kentucky
  • Northern & Central Ohio & Michigan
  • Maryland & Virginia
  • Pacific Northwest
  • E. Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta
  • Alabama & Mississippi
  • Kansas & Western Missouri
  • Southern California
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey, New York, New England
  • Pennsylvania & West Virginia
Example Schedule

The encouraged province retreat schedule will be focused on shared programming that all audiences can attend.

Educational sessions at each province retreat will be conducted by:

  • Province Presidents
  • Province CAB members
  • Campus Resources
  • Successful area alumni
  • GHQ staff members
  • General Council members

Business casual clothing (khakis, polo-style shirts) is acceptable for Province Retreats.