Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus

Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity will be providing sexual and relationship misconduct education to its nearly 12,000 undergraduate members located at over 190 college campuses during the 2015 calendar year. The education provided will be Taking a Stand: Preventing Sexual Misconduct on Campus, a program designed and provided by the Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative, a consortium developed by the James R. Favor Company and eight international and national fraternities to fight the most pressing social issues facing college campuses today.

The strong stance on sexual misconduct prevention is in line with Phi Delta Theta’s organizational commitment to cultivate responsible young men on college campuses. Nearly 15 years ago, Phi Delta Theta implemented its Alcohol-Free Housing policy, a policy that has both championed responsible behavior and resulted in safer environments for its members and guests. The implementation of Taking a Stand will further develop Phi Delta Theta chapters as valuable assets to the campuses and communities where they exist and empower them to fight the battle against sexual assault.

The Taking A Stand workshop is a half-day program that will be conducted at each campus with all members in attendance by the Fraternity’s staff and a selected group of volunteers during 2015 and then every other year moving forward. Additionally, the Fraternity has committed to provide additional prevention components to all of its in-person educational programs moving forward.

A listing of facilitators for each chapter can be found here. If the chapter’s leadership consultant is conducting the training, it will occur during a normally scheduled visit either this spring or fall and will be mentioned in the pre-visit packet that is sent. Otherwise, look for an email from the selected facilitator or Province President in early February. He will contact the chapter to coordinate the scheduling of the workshop at a convenient time for the chapter. Each chapter will have the program booklets shipped directly to its mailing address on file with GHQ at no cost, 7-10 days prior to the scheduled workshop.

Considering the importance of this initiative, the Fraternity is seeking 100% attendance at each chapter location and offering a 5% discount on liability insurance the subsequent academic year following the occurrence of the presentation.