Road to Greatness

Everyday Phis doing extraordinary things.

To nominate a Phi for the Road to Greatness campaign, please visit any of the individual features below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Derek Stevens – Michigan
Owner - Downtown Las Vegas Casinos
E. Roe Stamps, IV – Georgia Tech
Co-Founder - Summit Partners
Daniel Oswald – Kent State
Student Government President
Harrison Power – California, Berkeley
Chapter Change Agent
Dion Kevin – Mississippi
ASB President - University of Mississippi
Vishnu Tirumala – Louisville
SGA President - University of Louisville
Drew Greenblatt – Dickinson
CEO - Marlin Steel
Vince Marshall – Butler
Chapman Champion Award Winner
Pat Traynor – North Dakota
President, Dakota Medical Foundation
Alex Crawford – Arkansas
Senior of Significance
Gordon Witkin – Ohio Wesleyan
Executive Editor - The Center for Public Integrity
Chuck Presto – Wisconsin
SVP Global Sports Marketing - TaylorMade