Road to Greatness

Everyday Phis doing extraordinary things.

To nominate a Phi for the Road to Greatness campaign, please visit any of the individual features below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Shane Heiman – Emporia State
Dirty Kanza 5-Time Finisher
Junmin Yee – Oregon Tech
Model The Way Award Recipient
Radley Gillis – Central Florida
Inspirational Chapter President
Ian Green – Florida
Student Body President
Chris Panettiere – Westminster
SVP, Employee Benefits - Lockton
Colton Becker – Texas
Student Body President
Jakob Gattinger – British Columbia
UBC Board of Governors
Josh Bolona – Central Florida
Student Body President
Bob Frick – Bowling Green
Bob and Corrine Frick Center for Heart Failure and Arrhythmia
Carl Mergele – Utah
Cameron Levis – Western Kentucky
Founder - Inclusive Ministries
Dan Pfau – Cincinnati
Cincinnati Philanthropist