Road to Greatness

Everyday Phis doing extraordinary things.

To nominate a Phi for the Road to Greatness campaign, please visit any of the individual features below and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Phil Bartels – Cornell
Cornell Exemplary Alumni Service Award
Fabian Donate – UNLV
Nevada State Senator
Brian Glahn – Ole Miss
President, Infrastructure & Cloud, Anexinet
Jim DeGaetano – Shippensburg
Rick Muncrief – Oklahoma State
Chairman and CEO, WPX Energy
Paul Newby – Duke
Chief Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court
J. Paul Schroeppel – Kansas
Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine
Craig Collins – Pittsburgh
District Court Judge
Bart Reuter – Wisconsin
Chief Legal and Compliance Officer
Matthew Nwerem – Chapman
Using Data to Improve Health Care
Wade Clapp – Hanover
Healer, Mentor, Researcher, Leader
Daniel Baluch – Seton Hall
MLK Scholar, IFC President, Musician