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Corbin Lovelady

Oklahoma State ‘19

Leadership Consultant


Brother Lovelady graduated with a bachelor of science degree in accounting from Oklahoma State University. He joined the Oklahoma Beta Colony in the spring of 2017 and first served in the secretary position. Corbin also served his brothers as the vice president and recruitment chairman. He was initiated when the colony was installed on March 10, 2018.

Outside of his Fraternity experiences, Corbin was involved in the NASBA Center for the Public Trust at Oklahoma State and earned a certificate in ethical leadership.

Corbin says the best memories he had with his chapter brothers were during the long road trips they took together and just hanging out at their chapter house late at night. He credits Phi Delta Theta with impacting his growth and development both as a young man and professionally, as well as giving him the best friendships and support system for which anyone could ask.

During the 2020-21 academic year, Corbin will be working with:

  • Arizona Alpha – University of Arizona
  • Arizona Beta – Arizona State University
  • Alberta Alpha – University of Alberta
  • British Columbia Alpha – University of British Columbia
  • British Columbia Gamma – University of British Columbia – Okanagan
  • California Gamma – University of California – Los Angeles
  • California Delta – University of Southern California
  • California Zeta – California State University – Northridge
  • California Theta – University of California – Irvine
  • California Kappa – University of California – San Diego
  • California Pi – San Diego State University
  • California Rho – University of La Verne
  • California Phi – Chapman University
  • California Psi – Loyola Marymount University
  • Illinois Gamma – Monmouth College
  • Illinois Eta – University of Illinois
  • Indiana Alpha – Indiana University – Bloomington
  • Indiana Beta – Wabash College
  • Indiana Gamma – Butler University
  • Indiana Delta – Franklin College
  • Indiana Theta – Purdue University
  • Indiana Kappa – Ball State University
  • Iowa Gamma – Iowa State University
  • Iowa Delta – Drake University
  • Kansas Gamma – Kansas State University
  • Kansas Delta – Wichita State University
  • Kansas Epsilon – Emporia State University
  • Kansas Theta – Ottawa University
  • Kansas Iota – Fort Hays State University
  • Manitoba Alpha – University of Manitoba
  • New Jersey Gamma – Seton Hall University
  • New Jersey Delta – Stockton University
  • New Jersey Epsilon – Montclair State University
  • New Mexico Alpha – University of New Mexico
  • New York Kappa – Hofstra University
  • New York Lambda – St. John’s University
  • Nova Scotia Alpha – Dalhousie University
  • Ontario Alpha – University of Toronto
  • Ontario Beta – University of Western Ontario
  • Ontario Gamma – McMaster University
  • Ontario Delta – York University
  • Ontario Epsilon – Carleton University
  • Quebec Alpha – McGill University
  • Texas Tau – University of Texas – El Paso

What advice would you give to young Phis?

  1. Never feel like you aren’t qualified to do something. Learn to be courageous and confident. Be confident in yourself to make positive impacts. Start by doing.
  2. If your goal is 5,000 miles away, know you can’t get there on one tank of gas. Make shorter milestones and goals to achieve along the way. Small victories work wonders for momentum.