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Greg Rush

UNC, Charlotte '18

Expansion Consultant

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Brother Rush is a first generation college graduate from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was initiated into the North Carolina Epsilon Chapter at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the spring of 2017. Afterwards, he went on to hold several positions within the chapter including public relations chairman, alumni secretary, and vice president.

Outside of his duties to Phi Delta Theta, he served as the vice president of communications on the IFC Executive Board and as a radio personality at Radio Free Charlotte, the campus radio station. He graduated in the fall of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in communications (mass media) with minors in journalism and film.

Greg’s interests include writing, film, and music. After his time as a leadership consultant, he plans to finish his graphic novel and look further into getting some of his writings published.

Greg will be working with:

  • New York Mu – Long Island University – Post
  • Michigan Eta – Western Michigan University

What advice would you give to young Phis?

A lot of people expect the Fraternity to make you into the something you aren’t and that simply isn’t the case. This is more so a journey to discovering your own potential. Remember, you are always here for a reason even if you aren’t sure what it is. If you were shy growing up, this is your chance to speak up. If you spent most of your life alone, you’ll always have a place to call home here. In Lehman’s terms, there isn’t anything we can give you that isn’t already there. Membership in Phi Delta Theta takes latent greatness and brings it to its surface, so everything you aspire for is already inside you – from this point on, it’s only a matter of time.