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Max Hull

Sonoma State '18

Expansion Consultant

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Brother Hull graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies from Sonoma State University. He was initiated into the California Sigma Chapter of Phi Delta Theta in the fall of 2014. Max held numerous positions throughout his undergraduate career, such as Chapter President, Recruitment Chairman, and IFC Chairman.

Outside his fraternity experience, Max worked as the Coordinator of Campus Tour Guides and was a member of the Criminology/Criminal Justice Club as well as the Treasurer of Club Tours. What he enjoyed most was recruiting new students to his university as a Tour Guide and recruiting new men into his chapter as an active member.

After his time as an Expansion Consultant, Max is looking forward to possibly attending Graduate School or jumping into a career in Corporate Recruitment. In his free time, Max loves to spend time with his family and friends, play or watch any sport (more specifically watch the Sacramento Kings, Denver Broncos, or San Francisco Giants games), and strengthen his body both mentally and physically.

Max Will Be Working With:

  • Kansas Epsilon – Emporia State University
  • Georgia Iota – University of North Georgia
  • Tennessee Iota – East Tennessee State University

Why Did You Decide to Work For Phi Delta Theta?

There are numerous reasons why I decided to work for General Headquarters. First off, I have grown so much as a person both professionally and personally through Phi Delt. Whether it was flourishing as a leader organizationally via managing projects, events, or teammates, or it was growing internal confidence, Phi Delt experiences helped me in all areas. I am grateful for the men who recruited me into this sacred brotherhood that illuminated a fire in me to do the same for others. Additionally, Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters offers exponential opportunities for professional and personal development while traveling North America and networking with hundreds of Phis and other professionals in a wide array of industries. A piece of advice that I would give to undergraduate Phis is to soak up your Phi Delta Theta experience. The saying “You get out what you put in” could not be truer when relating it to your fraternity experience. This coincides with my favorite thing about Phi Delt – there is so much opportunity to grow as a leader and grow your character through many outlets set in front of you. In total, I want to give back to Phi Delta Theta because it has given so much to me.