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Traer Freeman

San Francisco '18

Expansion Consultant


Traer is a graduate of the University of San Francisco where he was a member of the California Chi Chapter of Phi Delta Theta. He served as Historian for his chapter starting in 2015 and then took on the role of Recruitment Chairman until spring of 2017. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Psychology. Outside of Phi Delt, Traer spent most of his time serving as a University Ambassador, assisting in the admissions office and leading university tours for prospective students. He also enjoyed exploring the city of San Francisco, searching for the best food and restaurants.

Following his time as a Leadership Consultant, Traer hopes to work in the financial sector as an investment banker or general financial advisor with the ultimate goal of one day becoming a college professor in behavioral economics. He also hopes to stay involved with the Fraternity for the rest of his life to repay everything Phi Delta Theta has given him.

Traer will be working with:

  • Iowa Delta – Drake University
  • Tennessee Iota – East Tennessee State University

What advice would you give to young Phis?

Never be afraid to speak your mind and make yourself or your point of view heard, even if it is an unpopular opinion. If you truly feel that something is going wrong or has the potential to turn sour, speak up. Also, there is so much that Phi Delt has to offer yet it seems as though so many people barely scratch the surface. Put yourself out there, attend the conferences, network, meet some of the other great people within our Fraternity. No one ever regretted shaking a hand and making a new, possibly lifelong connection.