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Tyler Puccio

Nebraska - Lincoln '19

Leadership Consultant


Tyler grew up in the northeast suburbs of Chicago and moved to Nebraska where he graduated with a bachelor of science in business administration in entrepreneurship and innovation from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (GO BIG RED!). During his time at Nebraska Alpha, he served as president, vice president, and risk management chairman. Tyler was also involved in the Interfraternity Council as the director of risk management.

After his time as a Leadership Consultant, Tyler hopes to pursue a career in the sales industry, so he can continue to help and grow organizations through innovative products.

Tyler will be working with:

  • Connecticut Alpha – Central Connecticut State University
  • Connecticut Gamma – University of Connecticut
  • Illinois Alpha – Northwestern University
  • Indiana Beta – Wabash College
  • Indiana Iota – Valparaiso University
  • Indiana Kappa – Ball State University
  • Indiana Theta – Purdue University
  • Massachusetts Epsilon – Northeastern University
  • Massachusetts Gamma – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Michigan Beta – Michigan State University
  • Michigan Delta – Kettering University
  • Michigan Zeta – Central Michigan University
  • New Hampshire Beta – Southern New Hampshire University
  • New Jersey Delta – Stockton University
  • New Jersey Gamma – Seton Hall University
  • New York Alpha – Cornell University
  • New York Epsilon – Syracuse University
  • New York Eta – Rochester Institute of Technology
  • New York Kappa – Hofstra University
  • New York Lambda – St John’s University
  • New York Zeta – Colgate University
  • Nova Scotia Alpha – Dalhousie University
  • Ohio Epsilon – University of Akron
  • Ohio Eta – Case Western Reserve University
  • Ohio Gamma – Ohio University
  • Ohio Kappa – Bowling Green State University
  • Ohio Lambda – Kent State University
  • Ohio Mu – Ashland University
  • Ohio Xi – Otterbein University
  • Ohio Zeta – Ohio State University
  • Ontario Beta – Western University
  • Ontario Delta – York University
  • Ontario Epsilon – Carleton University
  • Ontario Gamma – McMaster University
  • Pennsylvania Delta – Allegheny College
  • Pennsylvania Iota – University of Pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania Pi – Robert Morris University
  • Pennsylvania Rho – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Pennsylvania Xi – Clarion University
  • Quebec Alpha – McGill University
  • Wisconsin Alpha – University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Wisconsin Epsilon – St. Norbert College
  • Wisconsin Gamma – Ripon College
  • Wisconsin Zeta – University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Why did you decide to work for Phi Delta Theta?

I decided to work for Phi Delta Theta, because I wanted to give back to the organization that has given so much to me during my undergraduate career. Between the volunteers and GHQ staff members I met and worked with during my undergraduate career, I have been able to grow so much more than if I never joined Phi Delta Theta. Becoming a leadership consultant was on top of my list coming out of college. I want to be able to have that same impact on the organization as those members have had on me.