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Tyler Wilson

Georgia Southern '16

Senior Colony Development Specialist


Tyler is a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University where he was a member of the Georgia Epsilon re-founding class of Phi Delta Theta. He served as the Colony/Chapter Treasurer for his group from their colonization until his graduation from Georgia Southern in Fall of 2016. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Outside of the Fraternity, Tyler spent most of his time working in student affairs in several different capacities. He served as a member of the Student Government Association for the College of Business Administration.

Tyler, most recently, has worked as a Georgia Southern Orientation Leader and Orientation Supervisor. He served in these capacities for two years. It is here that he developed a love for higher education and the student experience therein. He plans to continue his career by earning a Masters of Education in Higher Education Leadership and continuing to work on the collegiate level to make the post-secondary education experience all that it can be for students.

Tyler will be working with:

  • California Omicron – California State University-Sacramento
  • Colorado Alpha – University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Florida Omicron – Nova Southeastern University
  • Georgia Beta – Emory University
  • Georgia Theta – Augusta University
  • Kansas Theta – Ottawa University
  • New Jersey Delta – Stockton University
  • Ohio Iota – Denison University
  • Pennsylvania Sigma – Millersville University
  • Quebec Alpha – McGill University
  • South Carolina Beta – University of South Carolina
  • Tennessee Theta – University of Memphis
  • Virginia Iota – Old Dominion University
  • Wisconsin Zeta – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

What is your favorite thing about Phi Delta Theta?

My favorite thing about Phi Delta Theta has to be the lifelong brotherhood I discovered upon joining. I never intended to join Greek life because of my perception of everything I thought it was when I entered college. Then I heard about the expansion efforts of Phi Delta Theta and thought I would give it a try. Best decision of my life! I instantly found a brotherhood of guys with common and differing interests and opinions. This environment helped me to not accept things for face value, it challenged my perception, opened my eyes to new thoughts and ideas, and it molded me into the man I am today. I owe everything to Phi Delt, and I will always be proud to be a Phi!